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"KILLER Cataclysm"
​-Easy Riders Magazine

Creatrix - Chameleon - Chaos
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"The disaster you want to happen" 
​-fIXE Magazine
"Taking the art world by storm"
​-Guiseppina Magazine

WELCOME! I am Cataclysm, an artist of many trades. This website is dedicated to my modeling work and displays the many looks I can create but am not limited to.  I have also worked as a performer; and continue my crafts as a makeup artist, stylist, and fashion designer under my label- ​Pink Moon Prophecy. I reside in PHX, AZ but love to travel any chance I can. My ultimate goals are to collaborate with as many talented artists as possible and see the beauty this industry has to offer. Creating other worldly images and types of hallucinations to the viewer at hand is ultimately my favorite type of creation. However, I have worked in studio settings with a simple vision- to get the best fashion images for clients. I have divided my website images into studio, scenery, and art/media categories. Having a decade's worth of work means I have TONS of images, so I have collected my favorite and most current  here for you (newest first). Feel free to explore the social links provided to see any other reflections. I have worked with hundreds of artists. If you SIMPLY MUST have an extensive complete list of affiliates please give me sufficient time to fetch it for you. Thank you for your time, and thank you to all the amazing artists I have worked with!